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Filling out the following forms ahead of time can save you time during your visit. If you prefer, we always have printed copies available in the office.

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Individual Therapy

Clients come to me because they are not as happy as they would like to be or are experiencing inner conflict.  They have hope and are seeking to better their lives, reaching toward fulfillment.

Couples Therapy

Couples come to me because they are dissatisfied with, or want to improve, their relationship. They may be in crises, suffering disappointment or desire increased intimacy. The relationship is not satisfying the needs of one or both partners.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is unique. Both the complexity and the potential beauty of a family is created by the individuals who make up the group. Families come to me seeking guidance as they deal with transition, growth and changing roles, loss, marital separation or the division of a family, or the blending of a family.