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Celebrating Failure

We had set a goal.  We were determined.  And we were proud of our follow-through, stick-to-it-iveness.  We had rolled out a new blog post each Monday morning since this website launched.  And then it happened.  We failed.  December 1, 2014, just ten Mondays into the project . . . a blog was not ready.

Our initial response was to fret.  Negative thoughts. We each made declarations, “We don’t have a blog post ready for tomorrow.”  We tried to hurry and write something.  We blamed ourselves for not having something prepared.  Then we stopped.  As I tell my clients, STS!  Stop the shame.  Shame is a powerful emotion that causes us to hide and keeps us from learning from our failures. We then continue to repeat the same mistake instead of moving on, enlightened by experience.

We made a conscious decision that rather than beat ourselves up and throw something out into the Universe that we weren’t happy with, we would celebrate our “failure” and its cause. We had just spent an extended “Thanksmas” weekend with our family.  We would not change one thing. We would not exchange 50, perfectly-written blogs for a house full of loved ones.

Turkey dinner and its leftovers, the annual Christmas scavenger hunt with our seven kids, and an extended family gathering for 2014 are now a memory.  Done, and done well.

We had set a positive intention for the holiday: “May each person who walks through the door into our home, leave feeling loved.”  If we manifested that intention, and we believe we did, we celebrate our Monday blog post “failure.”

Here’s to many future “failures” for the sake of creating an abundance of love!

“What do you regard as most humane? To spare someone shame.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche

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