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In Like a Lion; Out Like a Lamb

Sometimes it seems as if the grip of winter will never let go. Every venture out-of-doors requires bundling up–again. Coat, hat, scarf, gloves, boots. Ice on the sidewalks–again. Shoveling snow–again. The waiting-room carpet is a dirty disaster–again. Cars are filthy and cry for maintenance–again. Taxes are due–again. Hassle. Hassle. Hassle.

The gray skies of winter exacerbate Seasonal Affective Disorder for many of my clients. We long for sunshine.

But then February, the shortest month of the year, becomes history. Time “springs forward.” The days lengthen and the birds desperately attempt to sing spring into existence. Crocuses are sprouting up through the snow. We have hope.

This week I invite you to join me in a pleasant, final sigh regarding the hassles of winter, and an important look back to the goals or resolutions we made in January. Remember those?

Too cold to walk or run outside? Too icy to go to the gym? Haven’t quite gotten around to sprucing up your resume’? Slipped back into the fast food habit? The flu derailed your routine?  Have our New Year’s goals suffered the February Fizzle? I’ve noticed recently the gym has been a little less crowded.

Not to worry! The first day of spring is less than two weeks in coming. And this is a prefect time to revisit our goals, resolutions, and commitments for 2015. Be our own best friend and give ourselves a break. Take a Mulligan. A do-over. Start fresh. Isn’t that what Spring is all about?

“Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.” ~Doug Larson

“An optimist is the human personification of spring.” ~Susan J. Bissonette