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Family Therapy

Family therapy is unique. Both the complexity and the potential beauty of a family is created by the individuals who make up the group. Families come to me seeking guidance as they deal with transition, growth and changing roles, loss, marital separation and/or the blending of a family.

Family relationships may be challenged by one or more of the following issues:

      • Co-parenting
      • Successful co-parenting following divorce
      • Adolescent development
      • Finances
      • Life crisis and loss
      • Childbirth
      • Lifespan development—change
      • Valuing the individuals who create the family unit

Family Therapy Process:

      • Individual interviews with each family member—identify goals
      • Record family history through story
      • Creative, fun, experiential exercises to enhance understanding and dialogue
      • Identify strengths and weaknesses of the family unit
      • Understand defensive behaviors
      • Problem solving
      • Enrichment—create a plan for positive engagement within the family system


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