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Group Therapy

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The support and accountability achieved by regularly talking and listening to others who share similar challenges is perhaps the most obvious, but far from the only, benefit of group therapy. With the guidance of a trained professional, the confidential sharing with others creates a cohesive dynamic; provides perspective, belonging, and acceptance, and boosts the experience beyond that of individual therapy. All members are screened and selected by Dr. Ruegg with the expectation of confidentiality, respect, and full participation.

Group Therapy Process:

    • Group Selection—Interview with Dr. Ruegg
    • Ground Rules—Confidentiality, honesty, openness, respect, attendance
    • Goals and purpose set
    • Group bonding
    • Experiential activities of discovery
    • Strategies for improvement

Dr. Rick announces a new opportunity for personal growth!

Freedom To Be

Join us for an eight-week experiential growth group! This action-oriented program will provide a safe environment for self-discovery, that goes beyond talk therapy. With a supportive group dynamic and fun, but challenging experiences, participants can make significant life changes.

Program Goals

Freedom From:

      • Fear
      • Judgement/Comparison
      • Guilt and Shame
      • Old Beliefs and Habits

Freedom To:

      • Change
      • Love
      • Risk
      • Celebrate

Program Details

How many participants? 6-8 individuals. Limit 8.

Who should sign up? Anyone wanting to make personal changes in their life pattern.

How long is the program? 8 weekly sessions of 2 hours each.

Who is facilitating? Dr. Rick Ruegg and Debi Dixon

Where will we meet? Greenwood Counseling Associates

How do I sign up? Email or reach out via the Contact page.

What is the cost? $100 per session, totaling $800.

    • $100 discount for paying in full prior to the first meeting; 8 sessions, $700.00.

Confidentiality is vital to creating a safe environment for participants. Each participant will sign a confidentiality agreement to give everyone the freedom to work in a group setting.

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