By appointment, Monday-Thursday

The Process & Cost

Each client I see presents a unique set of circumstances; we work together to design a plan and establish goals for therapy, adjusting as the need arises. Below is a general guideline of the process as it unfolds for many clients.

Our Process

Initial Phone Contact

  1. Overview of the reason client is seeking therapy.
  2. Is my mode of practice, training, and service best suited for the need?
  3. Cost and modes of payment
  4. Schedule first appointment as soon as possible.
First Session
  1. Get acquainted.
  2. Gather initial information.
  3. Outline goals.
  4. Design a unique, therapeutic plan based upon client’s needs.
  5. Schedule next appointment—may be weekly, bi-weekly, or eventually monthly.
Types of Counseling Offered Here:

Individual: Dr. Ruegg and individual meet, gather information, set intentions.
Couples: Each partner meets individually with Dr. Ruegg for 20 minutes, followed by a joint period to map a plan.
Families: Dr. Ruegg meets with each family member individually for 20 minutes, then the entire family to set a course of action. Initial family sessions often require 2 hours.
Group: Counseling designed for a carefully selected group of diverse, yet like-challenged, individuals or couples who benefit from the support and shared purpose of others, while under the direct guidance of Dr. Rick.


Effective Jan 2018: $140 per 50-minute session. I accept cash, check, Visa, and MasterCard.

***I do not participate in third-party insurance reimbursement. As an out-of-network provider, upon request, I supply a paper receipt with the proper codes for your submission to insurance. Many clients elect not to file for reimbursement from insurance, as treatment becomes a matter of record.

Please note: When necessary, I am happy to reschedule appointments with proper notice. A $100.00 fee will be charged for all missed appointments and those cancelled without 24-hour notice.


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