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Name That Fear

Fear is a core emotion we all experience. It’s neither good nor bad. By design, it protects us, but can also paralyze us. It may provide the physical energy we need to fight or take flight.

A quick survey of our Monday group, Freedom To Be, revealed a myriad of fears: heights, public speaking, dogs, enclosed spaces, large crowds, the dark, the future, etc. Perhaps the Granddaddy of all fears is the trilogy of abandonment, not being good enough, and rejection—a fear that threatens our intense need for connectedness. It comes to us unjustly through the voice of those who unfairly judge us, do not know or understand us. It feeds our natural propensity for comparison. In any case, it’s not the truth. The truth is we do belong. Every, single one of us. We deserve acceptance just as we are, and as we move toward the expression of our true selves and away from comparing ourselves to others, we move away from the fear of rejection.

I invite you to join the group in their homework. Identify a fear. Name it. Accept that it has a purpose in your life. Thank the fear for visiting and protecting you. And then let the fear know you won’t be needing it as often.

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